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Fixtures, Dies and Custom Machines

Glaze Tool and Engineering, Inc. has designed and built, dies, fixtures and special machinery for various industries. We produce injection molded parts and performs secondary operations such as special processes and the assembly of component parts.

We have the ability to engineer, fabricate, run production and maintain tooling all under one roof. We have geared ourselves to serve the manufacturer who has a need for injection molded parts, a special process or high volume assemblies, but does not wish to invest in a specialized field or technology. Customers also may not have the manufacturing capability due to lack of physical space or machine time in their own plant. We can do the tough jobs that others can not. At Glaze, our goal is to provide quality replacement parts that keep our customers' businesses up and running. With more than 40 years of experience under our belt, we know when parts need replacing, when parts can be recovered through reverse engineering, and when parts can be refurbished. Let us help you save time and money with our guaranteed and superior work.

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